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#7 buck was near-perfect 10-point

Taylor County’s Jennifer Hunter, 20, took the highest-scoring buck killed by a female last year in Florida – and her buck’s nearly-perfect rack earned her the #7 spot in the 2009-10 “Buck of the Year” contest.

Jennifer’s 10-point buck’s rack had the least amount of deductions (1-4/8 inches) of all the top 20 bucks killed in the state last year. With just 1-1/2 inches in deductions for differences in tine length and circumference measurements and no abnormal points, Hunter’s almost perfectly-symmetrical rack earned a net score of 137-6/8 inches (139-2/8 inches gross).

The Central Florida Community College student killed the awesome 10-point buck out of a “guest” stand on her family’s lease located near Perry, Florida on Dec. 14. She was home for Christmas break from college and said the record-breaking buck was “the best Christmas present ever.”

The 150-pound buck ranks as Taylor County’s all-time fifth-highest-scoring typical, according to the Florida Buck Registry. Jennifer, who has taken many bucks over the years, used her .270 Savage to bag the 5-1/2-year-old buck.

“Every time we go to hunt, my dad asks me where I want to sit. The morning of Dec. 14 was overcast, and we had been seeing a buck that my dad said would be killed on a rainy day, so, of course, I told him I was going to sit in the stand closest to where we had been seeing him.

“A couple of hogs were under my stand when the ‘Rainy Day Buck’ stepped out. He almost spooked when he saw the hogs, but he wasn’t getting away from me,” Jennifer said.

“I shot him with my .270 Savage with a 130-grain Remington. He left no blood trail, but we were able to find him almost immediately, thanks to our dog, Ruger,” she added.

“This buck has been a never-ending dream for me. A week hasn’t gone by without me and my family re-living the story of the ‘Rainy Day Buck.’ It’s like a dream that hasn’t ended yet, and it is all thanks to God,” Jennifer said.

“I would like to thank Randy at Wildlife Creations in Quitman, Ga. for the marvelous job he did on my mount, and my dad, Mike Hunter, for helping make me successful – both in and out of the stand,” she said.