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2010-11 Florida Buck-of-the-Year Contest

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154-0/8 inch beast takes top honors

Roland Walsingham-1st Place

Roland Walsingham has been hunting all his life “in the sand hills” near the tiny town of Wausau in Florida’s Panhandle... (Read more)

David Sanders “Hogfoot” takes the #2 spot

David Sanders-2nd Place

David Sanders of Sopchoppy harvested a massive 12-point typical buck on Valentine’s Day that would gross nearly 160 inches and finish as the #2 highest-scoring typical... (Read more)

Jeremy Free's Bonifay buck is #3

Jeremy Free-3rd Place

Jeremy Free from Ponce de Leon, Florida traveled to Illinois last year with five other buddies for a whitetail hunting trip and was the only one to come home without a buck... (Read more)

John Bradley's #1 Bow buck scores 149!

John Bradley-4th Place

John Bradley of Vero Beach used his Onieda Eagle compound recurve bow and an Easton aluminum arrow to take the #1 archery buck of the 2010-11 season... (Read more)

Holmes County 11-point is #5

Michael Conner-5th Place

Michael Conner of Bonifay, Florida killed the 5th-highest-scoring typical of the 2010-11 season on Christmas Day in Holmes County... (Read more)

Alachua freak is #1 non-typical!

Chuck Partin-6th Place

I really must start out by being completely honest and saying that I would have never killed this buck of a lifetime if it weren’t for my brother Doug... (Read more)

#7 buck was also the #1 Youth Buck

Timmy 'Mac' Butler-7th Place

Timmy “Mac” Butler was hunting with his dad, Tim, in suwannee county on Nov. 7. 2010 when he harvested this monster 10-point... (Read more)

‘City Buck’ is #8

Brandon Wilkes-8th Place

Brandon D. Wilkes of Cottondale, Florida was one of two Panhandle hunters that took advantage of love-struck bucks on Valentine’s Day... (Read more)

Alday’s ‘Sunday Buck’ is #9 overall

Brandon Alday-9th Place

Brandon Alday first saw what became known as the “Sunday Buck” more than two years ago (during the 2008-09 season) in Jackson County, Florida... (Read more)

Shea’s ‘River Run Ghost’ places #10

Steve Shea-10th Place

Steve Shea killed the “River Run Ghost” on Saturday morning, Jan. 22, 2011 to claim the top spot in Gulf County’s list of highest-scoring bucks... (Read more)