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David Sanders “Hogfoot” takes the #2 spot

David Sanders of Sopchoppy, Florida harvested a massive 12-point typical buck on Valentine’s Day (Feb. 14), 2011 that would gross nearly 160 inches and finish as the #2 highest-scoring typical taken in Florida last season.

David used his Remington 12-gauge shotgun to take the Franklin County monster that he calls “HOGFOOT” while hunting on a private lease in the St. James Island area of the Gulf Coast county.

“I was going to take my wife her Valentine’s Day gifts to school that morning, but she said I should go hunting instead. So, I went and sat in my stand for several hours without seeing anything.

“I had actually left my stand, gotten in the truck and was leaving to go take her the stuff when I saw him. I stopped the truck, stepped out, grabbed my gun and shot him!” David admitted, somewhat sheepishly.

David called a friend, and together they tracked what turned out to be another buck a long way to a pond on the property.

On the way back to the truck, they saw where David’s buck had crossed the road dragging his leg, and David spotted some blood. He called his brother, Donnie, who brought his dog, and they found the beast just 75 yards away.

“It is the biggest buck I have ever killed,” said David, who has been hunting the 11,000-acre private lease located near St. James Island for the past four years with his brother and cousin Andy Sanders, who took the #9 typical in the “Buck of the Year” contest last season on Feb. 3, 2010.

“Andy was the one I called to help track it, and when we found it, he said that my buck must have been his buck’s daddy!” David said. Andy’s 9-point grossed 145-7/8 inches and netted 135-3/8.

David had his 205-pound “Hogfoot” buck mounted by Larry Pearson of Lost Creek Taxidermy in Crawfordville, Florida.