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Jeremy Free's Bonifay buck is #3

Jeremy Free from Ponce de Leon, Florida traveled to Illinois last year with five other buddies for a whitetail hunting trip and was the only one to come home without a buck.

However, Jeremy, 29, got a whole bunch of redemption just five weeks later when he killed a 151-3/8-inch brute – in Florida!

“After spending the last week of October in Illinois and being the only one with no luck, I was pretty bummed,” Jeremy said.

Jeremy said his wife, Terra, told him, “You never know...you may kill a big one around here.”

“Yeah, I doubt I’ll ever kill one around here that’s as big as what’s up there,” Jeremy replied.

Luckily, Jeremy was dead wrong! On Dec. 7, 2010, Jeremy was hunting with his muzzleloader on private land in Holmes County when he shot a 170-pound monster toting a 150-inch rack!

The huge buck had 23-4/8-inch main beams, 7-4/8-inch G2s, 9-7/8-inch G3s, 7-inch G4s and a single G5 on the right antler.

The total for both antlers added up to exactly 68-5/8 inches, and the 18-1/8-inch inside spread helped the rack score 155-3/8 inches gross. With only 4 inches in deductions, Jeremy’s Florida trophy netted 151-3/8.

“I finally got a big buck...but it came while I was hunting at home, and he was bigger than any of the ones they killed in Illinois!” Jeremy said.