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Holmes County 11-point is #5

Michael Conner of Bonifay, Florida killed the 5th-highest-scoring typical of the 2010-11 season on Christmas Day in Holmes County. The 26-year-old hunter used his .30-06 rifle to take down the heavy, 220-pound buck.

“On the morning of Dec. 25, 2010, I got up and put my camo on, grabbed my gun and started out on what I thought would be just another regular hunting trip. I was headed to my tree stand when I heard something moving.

“About 50 yards from my stand, I stopped and started looking in that direction when I saw horns moving up above the brush. He was just walking around eating and not paying me a bit of mind,” Michael recalled.

“I was frozen, but he still heard or saw something and looked straight at me. I tried to keep still enough for him not to see me, waited until he turned and then I picked my gun up, aimed and shot him in the neck.

“He fell right where he was standing! I ran over to him, and to my surprise, he was the biggest buck I have ever killed!” Michael said.

Unfortunately, there are not many good photos of the buck because he was caped soon after he was killed in order to have a full body mount done.

However, the 11-point rack stats are impressive, with 21-inch main beams that measured 4-1/2 inches around at the bases.

The rack featured an 18-2/8-inch inside spread, 8-inch G2s, 10-4/8-inch G3s and 8-inch G4s.

The rack grossed 152-7/8 inches and netted 147-4/8 inches after 5-3/8 inches in deductions for differences between the two sides.