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Alachua freak is #1 non-typical!

by Chuck Partin

I really must start out by being completely honest and saying that I would have never killed this buck of a lifetime if it weren’t for my brother Doug.

I owe it all to him, and if it wasn’t for him, I never would have killed this deer. Doug was looking for property to build a house on when he came across this little “For Sale” sign.

He called and spoke to an older couple. When the owner asked what he wanted to do with the property and learned he wanted to build a house, he told Doug he would not sell it to him.

He said he wanted to save him from the same mistake he had made, adding, “It can’t be done” due to water management district rules, permits and land use restrictions. So, Doug asked if he would consider letting anyone hunt on it. It turned out that he had let a few people hunt it before, but had never leased it out. Thanks to my brother, we were the first.

Lo and behold, we both killed the biggest deer we have ever killed on our first year hunting that property.

It was Thanksgiving morning. I got up in the tree, and 10 minutes after daylight, I had an 8-point walk directly underneath my stand. His rack was about 15-16 inches wide, and I almost killed him, just to say I killed one on Thanksgiving Day. Most people would have.

But, I let him go, and he wandered on down toward my brother, and I figured I would let him take it.

It was very cold and foggy that morning. I was thinking about how I was going to freeze to death when I saw an outline of an deer through the fog.

As soon as I looked through my scope, I knew he was a shooter! He came to within 100 yards, walking stiff-legged with his head down, right down the trail the deer always come down.

Then he took a right, and I figured it was all over with. But, 10 yards ahead of him I saw a hole in the brush and put my crosshairs on it. As soon as I saw the crease behind his front leg I fired.

Then...all hell broke loose!

I hollered out loud as soon as I pulled the trigger, and Doug called me immediately – all shook up – thinking I had fallen out of my treestand.

I didn’t calm him down any, because I discovered I simply couldn’t talk. All I could say was “Come down here.”

He was hunting from a tree stand about 150-200 yards away, where exactly one week before he had killed a huge 10-point that scored 125 inches!

Despite the fact that it took him several minutes to get there, he beat me...because I was shaking so bad that I couldn’t operate my climber. He actually got over to the buck before I got down.

At that point I figured it was a big 8- or 10-point. I still didn’t realize how big he was. When I finally got over to him, I finally started looking at his horns. Doug said, “Look at this freak!” I didn’t say a word.

I was just standing there in awe as my brother took his foot and turned the buck’s head to the side and said, “That is a big buck.” I still couldn’t say anything.

He punched me in the shoulder and gave me a hug, just about knocking me down, saying, “You’ve done something no one else around here has ever done.”

When I started counting points and got to 11 on the one side, I had to stop. Doug was taking photos with his phone and calling Dad, who thought we were lying to him.

Dad knew Doug had killed his big buck out of the same stand exactly one week before, but when Doug told him I had killed one even bigger – an 18-point – he kept telling Doug to quit kidding around. When Doug insisted he was not lying, Dad got excited and told us simply to “bring it here and let me see it.”

It was 7:35 a.m. when I killed this buck – exactly the same time one week after Doug had killed his biggest buck in almost the same place.

We had game camera photos of Doug’s buck the same morning it was killed, but, we never found a photo of my buck on any of our cameras.

When it comes to killing this buck, I owe everything to my brother. If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t have been hunting on the property and would have never had a chance at this buck. I want to thank Doug (a lot), and we owe the property owner a big “thank-you.”

To kill an 18-point in your lifetime, especially in Florida, just doesn’t happen very often to very many people.