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#7 buck was also the #1 Youth Buck

Timmy “Mac” Butler was hunting with his dad, Tim, in suwannee county on Nov. 7. 2010 when he harvested this monster 10-point.

Timmy spotted the bruiser during the 2009 archery season, but was never able to get a shot opportunity.

On this Sunday afternoon, Timmy and his dad went to check out an active scrape in the area where they had spotted the buck the previous year.

After a careful inspection of the area, the duo wrapped the stand in a camo blind and placed Tink’s-saturated cotton strips approximately 40 yards apart around the area. By 4 p.m. they were settled in the blind.

Shortly after Timmy started using a doe bleat call, he heard the buck respond with consecutive grunts at 15-minute intervals. After an agonizing wait, the big buck finally stepped out into the firebreak, where Timmy dropped the approximately 200-pounder with a perfectly-placed shot to the vitals.

The trophy rack grossed 150 inches and netted 144-1/8.