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‘City Buck’ is #8

Brandon D. Wilkes, 26, of Cottondale, Florida was one of two Panhandle hunters that took advantage of love-struck bucks on Valentine’s Day to capture a spot in the “Buck of the Year” contest’s Top 10 last season.

Brandon was in a ground blind during a Feb. 14 afternoon hunt on private land in Jackson County, Florida when he got a chance at a buck he had been patterning on trail cameras.

This 11-point buck, which had been nicknamed “Big-Un,” had been spotted on Brandon’s trail camera many times since Dec. 11, 2010, but he had just started to chase does that week.

This afternoon “Big-Un” crossed a highway and entered a field 600 yards away, following three does. The group stopped 250 yards from Brandon to feed in an old peanut field.

“When I shot the first time, they didn’t even move. The second shot made them start running for the woods, and it was the third shot, right before he entered the woods, that connected right behind his right shoulder,” Brandon recalled.

Brandon used his .30-06 Winchester rifle to make the shot. The buck ran 75 yards into the woods before crashing down.

After making the kill, Brandon re-named the beast “The City Buck,” because the road he and the does came across also marked the end of the city limits.

“The City Buck” had an impressive 23-inch-wide rack (21-6/8 inches inside spread) that scored 150-4/8 inches gross.

Brandon’s buck had the third-longest main beams (25 inches) of any buck taken last season. Only the #9 buck overall (#2 non-typical) killed by Brandon Alday (26-2/8-inch main beam) and #7 typical taken by Timmy Butler (25-3/8) had longer main beams.

Brandon’s buck had 10 main points and grossed 150-4/8 inches, but 8 inches of deductions for differences between the left and right antlers resulted in a net score of 142-4/8 inches.