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2011-12 Florida Buck-of-the-Year Contest

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1st-Place: Fain Searcy

Leon County produces Buck of the Year!

Fain Searcy of Tallahassee, Florida won the 2011-12 Florida “Buck of the Year” contest with a monster whitetail he killed in Leon County on Dec. 1, 2011... (Read more)

2nd Place: Bubba Taylor

Bubba Taylor’s Leon Co. Buck is #2

Clinton E. “Bubba” Taylor said he almost didn’t go hunting on Nov. 25, 2011, the day he killed the 2011-12 “Buck of the Year” runner-up... (Read more)

3rd Place: Dan Duffell

#3 Buck of the Year taken by muzzleloader

Dan Duffell, 66, took the #3 typical killed in Florida last season with his 18-year-old CVA .50 caliber muzzleloader on October 24, 2011 while hunting just outside of Jasper in Hamilton County... (Read more)

4th Place: Steve Nuss

Baker County Beast is #1 Bow buck at 146-2/8!

Steve Nuss arrowed a 152-6/8-inch beast of a buck on Sept. 30, 2011 in Baker County to take the #4 spot in the Buck of the Year Contest and claim the highest-scoring bow buck killed last season... (Read more)

5th Place: Daniel Studstill

Madison buck is #5

Daniel Studstill of Madison, Florida had an excellent deer season. On Oct. 1, 2011 he took a 195 lb. 11-point buck with his Mathews bow while hunting on his family’s land in Madison County... (Read more)

6th Place: Jackson Boone

Gadsden Giant places #6

Twelve-year-old Jackson Boone of Quincy, Florida got started putting entries into the Florida Buck Registry at an early age and added to it last year... (Read more)

7th Place: James Johnson

‘Management is the Key!’

Some simple deer management techniques, a few years of patience and some hard work helped James Johnson of Live Oak score his “buck of a lifetime” last season while hunting on the family’s farm in Suwannee County... (Read more)

8th Place: Charlie Ngo

Washington Co. buck places #8

Charlie Ngo of Panama City, Florida scored the 8th-highest-scoring typical buck in the Florida “Buck of the Year” Contest on Nov. 25, 2011 on private land in Washington County... (Read more)

9th Place: William McCroan

Jackson County buck lands at #9

At 75 years young, William McCroan of Marianna, Florida still has a fast draw... (Read more)

10th Place: Jason Blocker

Jackson Co. 8-point is #10

Jason Blocker, 28, of Warner Robbins, Georgia says he has “never been lucky hunting the rut.” But, that all changed on Dec. 10, 2011 when he killed the 10th-highest-scoring buck taken in Florida during the 2011-12 season... (Read more)