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Madison buck is #5

Daniel Studstill of Madison, Florida had an excellent deer season. On Oct. 1, 2011 he took a 195 lb. 11-point buck with his Mathews bow while hunting on his family’s land in Madison County.

Then, on Nov. 19, 2011, Daniel took another buck on private property, also in Madison County. While the second big buck weighed less than 190 pounds, this one sported an impressive 14-point rack with a 21-inch inside spread.

That buck turned out to be the fifth- highest-scoring typical in the “Buck of the Year” contest, scoring 153-3/8 inches gross and finishing with a net score of 142-4/8 after deductions for differences between the two sides (4 inches) and four abnormal points (6-7/8 inches).

“On Nov. 19 I decided to take advantage of the rut, knowing it’s the best time to see, and possibly take, a mature buck. I had trail camera photos of him taken just days before,” Daniel said.

“I figured if I was going to get him, I’d have to do it soon, as the rut would draw to an end and pressure from other hunters would make it difficult to see any mature bucks.

“Before getting into my stand that afternoon, I sprayed some “Doe in Heat” by Buck Bomb on the brush and in the air surrounding my stand. After climbing up, I began the wait,” Daniel said.

“As the sun was beginning to set, I decided to grunt a few times. About five minutes later I noticed a dark-colored deer walking along the edge of a swamp about 50 yards away.

“Looking through my rifle scope, I could see his antlers and knew immediately this was the buck I’d seen on my game camera. He was walking fast and steady, and I was afraid he would not stop, so I grunted a couple of times again.

“He stopped in an opening through the woods and looked straight up at me. I could see his shoulder through my scope, so I took the shot. The buck bolted up the hill, falling at the edge of a hay field,” Daniel added.

“I began hunting with my father, David Studstill, when I was 10. It’s a sport and hobby I’ve enjoyed since. I shot my first buck when I was 11, and since then I’ve been fortunate to take several nice bucks, but this big buck was by far the biggest, and one I never thought I’d take,” Daniel said.

Daniel was planting food plots in the same location just last month when his tractor broke down. While waiting for his dad to bring a new fuel line, Daniel said he saw two big bucks that he will be hunting hard for this season!