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Gadsden Giant places #6

Twelve-year-old Jackson Boone of Quincy, Florida got started putting entries into the Florida Buck Registry at an early age and added to it last year.

However, he likely hit the high point of his hunting career at a very early age when he took a Gadsden County giant this past season.

His Gadsden County 14-point typical grossed 153-4/8 inches, thanks to 22-inch main beams and an 18-2/8-inch inside spread.

The buck’s rack, which had four abnormal points totaling 6 inches in deductions, netted 141-7/8 inches to finish #6 in the “Florida Buck of the Year” contest and was the highest-scoring typical taken by a youth hunter this past season.

Jackson was hunting on private land when he killed the 175 lb. buck.

“I was hunting on my grandfather’s land, where I’ve been hunting for two years. Two does came out into the patch we were hunting, and I asked my dad if I could shoot one of them,” Jackson said.

“He told me to wait just before the two does left after they got spooked when this buck came in and ran the does out. He left following them before I could take a shot,” Jackson added.

“Then, about a minute later, all of a sudden he ran back into my patch of woods! I looked up and saw this buck just standing there.

“He saw me put my gun up to shoot and acted like he was going to leave. But, then he came back in the field and went where the does had been, so I shot him in the neck at 130 yards and he dropped dead!” Jackson recalled.

After the shot, Jackson’s dad, Jason, walked off the distance to find that his son had made a perfect neck shot from a ground blind at 130 yards using his Ruger .270 Precision.

The Boones were not shocked to confirm they had big bucks in the area after having seen good buck sign for some time. “But, we didn’t have any idea how big,” Jackson said.

Jackson has been hunting since he was 5 years old, and this is not his first big buck.

“I killed my first buck the year I was 5, and I killed an 8-point when I was 8 that scored in the 138-inch class,” Jackson added.