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Jackson County buck lands at #9

At 75 years young, William McCroan of Marianna, Florida still has a fast draw.

His quick reaction while hunting on his homestead in Jackson County on Dec. 22, 2011 allowed him to kill the biggest buck of his life and secure the #9 spot in the 2011-12 Florida “Buck of the Year” contest.

“It was a fast show. He was going and about to leave,” William said. “He didn’t slow down a bit.”

A 120-yard shot from a ground blind with his .30-06 rifle dropped the large 8-point buck that William said he had never seen before.

“This was the biggest one I have ever killed. He weighed 200 lbs.,” William said. “I killed one that weighed about 205 lbs. about 8-9 years ago with my bow, but he didn’t have the rack this one did.”

“Earlier in the season I saw eight other bucks, including four that were about his size, on some leased land I hunt on between Cypress and Marianna, but they all saw me and got out of there,” William said. “This one was at my place.”

William’s big buck had an inside spread of 14 inches and almost perfectly symmetrical tines, helping it score 141-4/8 inches gross. With only 5 inches in deductions, the rack was entered into the Florida Buck Registry with a net score of 136-4/8 inches.