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Madison County produces Buck of the Year!

Bruce Holley of Spring Hill, Florida killed the 2012-13 “Florida Buck of the Year” Nov. 3, 2012 on private property in Madison County, Florida.

It was the first time Bruce had ever hunted the property, owned by his friend Ted who lives in South Florida, who had never before spotted the huge buck.

“I have been hunting a long time, and I know I will never get this lucky again. God was definitely with me this particular day,” Bruce said.

“It was only the second day I had ever been on this property. The first day was spent scouting the area out,” Bruce said.

On opening morning of general gun season, Bruce and Ted were in separate stands about 400-500 yards apart.

“It was just 20-30 minutes after safe shooting light when I spotted him. Ted has an 8-point-or-better rule, and I had to look several times to be sure if I could shoot him or not.

“I am glad I couldn’t really see his rack that well or I probably would have missed!” Bruce laughed. Bruce made an 80-yard shot with his .270 Remington rifle at around 8 a.m. and said the 218 lb. buck dropped immediately where he was standing.

“I was very fortunate to harvest this buck,” Bruce added. “I am very proud of this deer. It is way bigger than any other buck I have ever harvested, and I have been hunting my whole life.”

The buck’s massive, non-typical rack had a total of 22 points (17 scorable) on its mainframe-9-point rack, with 4 abnormal points on each side. The main beams measured 22-7/8 inches long, while the G2s measured 11 and 12-6/8 inches and the G3s measured 9 and 11-1/8 inches.

The antlers measured 5-2/8 inches around at the bases and almost maintained that same circumference in between each tine. The rack had an 18-inch inside spread and a 22-inch outside spread, in addition to 27-1/8 inches in abnormal points.

The massive, palmated rack grossed 188 inches and was entered into the Florida Buck Registry with a net score of 176-3/8 inches, making it the new 7th highest scoring non-typical ever taken in Florida and the #1 non-typical on record in Madison County.