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Bartow buck is #10

Phil Hoover of Bartow, Florida harvested this awesome 160 lb. 8-point buck at 9:15 a.m. on Dec. 4, 2012 in Polk County, Florida using a .308 rifle.

Phil had seen the same buck during the past several hunting season before he finally got lucky one morning when the big boy got careless while chasing a young doe in estrus.

Scored by the FWC at 138-3/8 inches gross and entered into the Florida Buck Registry with a net score of 136-6/8 inches, Phil’s buck came in at the #10 spot in Woods ‘n Water’s “Florida Buck of the Year” Contest.

The rack was almost perfectly symmetrical, with long 23-6/8-inch main beams, 6-inch brow tines,10-2/8-inch G2s, and G3s measuring 6-5/8 and 8-1/8 inches long. The rack measured 18-4/8 at its widest point and had a 16-4/8-inch inside spread with a 8-1/8-inch tip-to-tip spread.