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Jackson County buck took the #4 overall buck in Florida

Chad Burnsed of Okeechobee, Florida took the #4 overall buck in Florida last season while hunting a private lease in Jackson County on Nov. 23, 2012.

“I put my wife and sister-in-law in their tree stands and just picked a spot to sit in my truck looking down a long road in the pines,” Chad said. “I wasn’t there but about 20 minutes before this big buck stepped out into the road. It was about a 200-yard shot, but I sure wasn’t going to let him walk.”

The 34-year-old hunter used a .270 Winchester Short Mag to take down the 200 lb. buck. The 10-point buck had 22-inch main beams and 5-inch brow tines to help it gross-score 143-1/8 inches and net 139-4/8 inches after 3-5/8 inches in deductions.

The impressive rack sports 7-2/8 and 7-6/8-inch G2s, 7-6/8 and 8-6/8-inch G3s and 4-inch G4s, as well as a 16-2/8-inch inside spread and 18-2/8-inch outside spread.