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Kissimmee Chain of Lakes WMA produced the #6 “Buck of the Year”

During an afternoon hunt on Jan. 29, 2013 at around 4 p.m., Matt Montana of Kissimmee, Florida saw two does walk out and begin feeding on Kissimmee Chain of Lakes WMA in Osceola County.

After watching the does feed for about 15 minutes, Matt spotted a big buck walking through the oak hammock and rubbing against trees directly behind the two does. “He stepped out at about 85 yards away and began following the does,” Matt said. “I shot him when he turned broadside, and that one shot dropped him. It was my luckiest day ever in the woods!

“I wish I could tell you I had been hunting him for years, but the truth is, it was just some pure luck! I was in the right place at the right time,” Matt added.

The amazing public land buck was taken with a .30-06 and weighed 185 lbs. The 10-point rack had long 24-5/8-inch main beams, 6-inch brow tines and 9-inch G2s, as well as G3s measuring nearly 7 inches long.

The heavy rack measured 145-5/8 but lost 6-1/2 inches in deductions for differences between the two sides, including a 2-3/8-inch abnormal point on the right antler, resulting in a net score of 139-1/8.