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Jackson Co. produces #8 buck

Jeremy Land of Cottondale, Florida killed the #8 entry in the 2012-13 Florida “Buck of the Year” contest on Nov. 23, 2012 while hunting on his father’s farm in Jackson County, Florida.

The 37-year-old hunter used his .308 Winchester BAR to drop the 180 lb. buck whose rack boasted an extra-wide, 19-1/8-inch inside spread.

“On the Friday after Thanksgiving, I traveled to my in-laws’ house to eat lunch, so I got in the woods late and decided just to sit on the ground in the bushes on the edge of the field,” Jeremy remembered. “Right before dark, three bucks came out at approximately 75 yards.

“He was the biggest of the three, and I was able to bring him down with one shot,” Jeremy said.