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2013-14 Florida Buck-of-the-Year Contest

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1st Place: Scott Allen

Polk County produces Buck of the Year!

It was a cold, frosty morning when I slipped my kayak into the marsh on Jan. 19. I was heading for a treestand set up on the edge of the marsh... (Read more)

2nd Place: Rodney Tyre

Rodney Tyre’s Hamilton County buck takes #2 spot

Rodney Tyre of Jasper, Florida killed the #2 highest-scoring buck taken in Florida last season the Friday before Thanksgiving... (Read more)

3rd Place: Michael McPhaul

Jackson County produces #3 buck

Michael McPhaul of Chattahoochee, Florida hunted private property in Jackson County to take the third highest-scoring typical taken during the 2013-14 season... (Read more)

4th Place: Jack Levine

The 142-7/8-inch backyard buck

Jack Levine, Jr. hunted 50 years in Minnesota, but never killed a buck like the one that he got in his own Tallahassee, Florida backyard on Dec. 12, 2013... (Read more)

5th Place: Gregg Eason

Gregg Eason’s ‘Captain Hook’ is #5 overall

Toward the end of archery season back in 2009 I found myself in a familiar position atop my ladder stand with a compound bow across my lap... (Read more)

6th Place: Jonathan Pfau

Jonathan Pfau takes #6 Typical

Kissimmee Chain of Lakes WMA produced the #6 “Buck of the Year” for Matt Montana of Kissimmee, Fla... (Read more)

7th Place: Bruce Layne

Bruce Layne’s Walton Co. Buck is #7

The third year was the charm for Dale Grubb of Sebring, Fla., who hunted the same big buck for three straight seasons before finally sealing the deal... (Read more)

8th Place: Bobby Brack

Madison Monster scores 148-3/8 before deductions!

Bobby Brack from Calhoun County (Adairsville), Georgia killed one of the biggest bucks taken last season... (Read more)

9th Place: Robert C. Partin

Partin takes #9 in Alachua County

For the second time in four years, Robert “Chuck” Partin from Bronson has killed one of the top bucks in the Florida “Buck of the Year” contest.... (Read more)

10th Place: Chandler Hiers

Top Youth Buck is #10 overall!

10-Year Old Chandler Hiers Monster 10-point ranked #10 in the 2013-14 "Buck of the Year" contest... (Read more)