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Top Youth Buck is #10 overall!

Ten-year-old Chandler Hiers Monster 10-point ranked #10 in the 2013-14 "Buck of the Year" contest.

The Dunnellon, Florida hunter killed this 10-point the morning of Thanksgiving (Nov. 28, 2013) in Levy County, Florida. With 21-3/8-inch main beams measuring 4-4/8-inches around at the bases, an 18-inch inside spread and 11-inch G2s, the buck was scored at 141-1/8 inches gross and 136-6/8 inches net by the FWC, despite missing a G4 on the left antler.

“On my birthday (Oct. 28) my dad got me a trail camera,” Chandler said. “I put it up at my food plot, and my Papa (Buddy Hiers) and I named the three huge bucks we got photos of.

We had a 10-point we called ‘Grampa Jones,’ a 9-point named ‘Slick Willie’ and an 8-point named ‘Downtown Leroy Brown.’ Grampa Jones (the 10-point) was on the camera the very first time I checked it. He was huge!” Chandler said.

“My Papa said I would get him. One month past my birthday, on Thanksgiving morning, we went hunting early. I was half asleep, and when I woke up, there he was!

I shot him at 7:15 a.m. and called my dad to come help us look for him. My dad got there right when my Papa found him.

We finally loaded him up and showed him off. It was kind of funny, because my dad had texted me and said ‘get to looking for him’ just 15 minutes before I shot him,” Chandler said.