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Rodney Tyre’s Hamilton County buck takes #2 spot

Rodney Tyre of Jasper, Florida killed the #2 highest-scoring buck taken in Florida last season the Friday before thanksgiving – just 2-1/2 weeks after seeing him for the first time.

“I did not have a treestand set up at that spot, but I had been feeding deer there for about three years,” Rodney said. “I went there to look around and saw him during muzzleloading season.

“He was standing at the far end of the food plot, but there was no way to attempt a shot on him at that distance (250 yards) with a muzzleloader,” Rodney stated. “two days later I had a stand there and started hunting this particular deer during opening week of the season. “I really hunted that stand hard – in the mornings and afternoons – the week before thanksgiving, but didn’t see him again until that Wednesday.

“I didn’t see him on Thursday, but then I killed him Friday morning at 8:10 a.m. I actually killed a cull buck from 165 yards at 7:45 a.m. that same morning, and then this big buck came in chasing a doe at 8:10 a.m.,” Rodney said. “After shooting the small 165 lb. cull buck, I was trying to decide if I wanted to get down or not. My wife texted me, and that may have been what kept me in the stand those extra 10 minutes.

“I was just about to get down when I looked up and saw him come running across the corner of the plot chasing the doe. She brought him right to me,” rod- ney said.

“I hollered to stop him, but I had to really holler at him to get him to stop. He slammed on the brakes, and stopped behind a bush with his head and neck sticking out. You couldn’t have posed a mannequin more perfect than he posed for me because I always go for the neck shot or high shoulder,” Rodney added. He made a 60-yard shot with his Browning .270 rifle that piled the big buck up within only 25 yards.

When he got home, Rodney hung the smaller buck up first and told his son and wife he had missed the other one.

“My son has an 8-point, 9-point and a 10-point on the wall, and later I told him he could fit any of his racks on the inside of mine. of course, he didn’t believe me at first,” Rodney said. “this is definitely the biggest 8-point I’ve ever seen.”

“The rut occurs a bit later in this area of the state, and this buck was really covering a lot of ground. He was work- ing a 3- to 4-mile radius during the rut. I never got a game camera photo of him, but a friend of mine got a photo of him on his camera 1-1/2 miles away at 5:30 a.m. another friend got a photo of him about 3/4 of a mile away,” Rodney said.

“He was an absolutely enormous buck,” Rodney said, adding that the massive 8-point weighed 200 lbs. even. “We take care of our deer. We have food plots, we put out some high protein in the spring and keep feeders out year- round. If you provide food, water and bedding areas, they will hang around pretty close,” Rodney said.

“I was very fortunate. everyone knows there is a lot of luck in hunting. the skill part comes in when you decide where and when to put the stand and when it comes down to the actual shot,” he added.

“We also try to manage our deer herd. If a buck doesn’t have a brow tine on both sides, we will kill him. We’ve done that for the past eight years,” Rodney said.