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Jackson County produces #3 buck

Michael McPhaul of Chattahoochee, Florida hunted private property in Jackson County on Jan. 22, 2014 to take the third highest-scoring typical taken during the 2013-14 season. Michael’s 11-point buck scored 143-1/8 inches (147-7/8 inches gross) and had 3-4/8 inches in deductions, thanks in part to a small extra point (1- 2/8 inches) on the right antler.

Michael’s 205 lb. buck had 22-inch main beams, 5-1/8 and 6-4/8-inch brow tines, 8-inch G2s, 8-4/8-inch G3s and 6-3/8-inch G4s, as well as a 17-5/8-inch inside spread. The 205 lb. buck was taken with a .308 rifle.

“After the shot, he got away from me for a little while. I hit him good, and the bullet went all the way through, but it was a little behind his ribs on the left side,” Michael said. “After he ran off I waited a little while. About an hour later me and a friend were looking for him when the buck jumped up and my friend shot him in the head with a .22 to finish him off,” Michael added.

Michael killed the buck during an afternoon hunt near Altha, Florida.

“It was about 5 p.m. – just an hour or so before dark – and I got him just as he was crossing a lane,” Michael stated.

“We never saw this buck before. In fact we had never seen one like it. This is the biggest buck I‘ve ever killed. I am 60, and I have been hunting since I was 20 years old,” Michael added.