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Jonathan Pfau takes #6 Typical

Jonathan Pfau from Bay County, Florida took this awesome 195 lb. buck with a Browning .243 rifle on Jan. 24, 2014 at 3:45 p.m.

Jonathan’s buck scored 148-7/8 inches gross and 140-7/8 net when it was scored by the FWC, making it the #6 overall highest-scoring typical taken in Florida last season.

He killed this buck while still hunting in G.W. Hobbs Moccasin Creek dog Hunting Club located in Youngstown, Florida (Bay County).

His father-in-law dropped him off at the stand, and within 15 minutes this nice 11-point showed up. This deer was Jonathan’s second buck since he began hunting in 2012!

The G.W. Hobbs Moccasin Creek dog Hunting Club has a long tradition of deer management that allows trophy deer like this to reach maturity.

Jonathan’s buck sported a rack with 22-inch main beams, a 6-inch brow tine, 7-inch G2s, 7-5/8-inch G3s, as well as 6-inch G4s.

The buck had a 16-5/8-inch in- side spread, but scored high due to its impressive mass – measuring 5 inches around at the bases and 4 inches in cir- cumference in between the other points.

If not for 8 inches in deductions for differences between the two sides, the buck may have claimed the top spot in the “Buck of the Year” contest.