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Partin takes #9 typical in Alachua County

For the second time in four years, Robert “Chuck” Partin from Bronson has killed one of the top bucks in the Florida “Buck of the Year” contest. Chuck’s Alachua County 11-point finished as the #9 typical taken in Florida last season with a score of 147-2/8 inches gross and 137-2/8 inches net. The big buck had one abnormal point (3-6/8 inches) on the right antler and 6-2/8 inches in differences between the two sides for a total of 10 inches in deductions. “It was Nov. 30, and I was supposed to be at the hospital, where my brother and sister-in-law were having their first child – which would be my first niece or nephew. I called him to tell him I wouldn’t do him any good there and instead asked my fiance if she wanted to go hunting,” Chuck said. “I put her in the good stand, hoping she would kill her first deer. I didn’t want to get too far away, so I went to a ground blind where we keep some corn out. after about an hour some does came in to feed, and about an hour and a half before dark I heard a deer come up from behind my makeshift blind. “He actually got close enough that I could hear him circling around me. I froze, and the next thing I know I was able to ease forward a little to see him. the shot scared Diana (now my wife) half to death. I called her to tell her I shot a giant and went to get her,” Chuck said. the buck made it just 50 yards be- fore crashing to the ground. “We had photos of this same buck, we called him “Stickers” because of all the trash on his rack – from the first week of bow season, but then he disappeared. He finally came ‘home’ after the rut. You could tell he had been going hard because he was beat up, scratched up and physically run down,” Chuck said. The 11-point rack had 22 and 23-3/8-inch main beams and plenty of mass, with each base measuring 5 inches around. the G2s measured 10-5/8 and 9-5/8 inches, while the G3s were 8-2/8 and 9-5/8 inches. the rack had identical 4-inch G4s, as well as a 15-2/8-inch in- side spread. “It was a very cool day. as soon as we found the buck I called my brother, who was just about to call me and tell me that my first-ever niece had just been born,” Chuck said. Chuck killed this year’s #9 typical on the same property that produced the #1 non-typical taken in 2010-11. that 18-point scored 170-6/8 inches, making it the 2nd-highest scoring non-typical on record for alachua County and the 9th-largest typical taken in the state. “It was in the same general area. I’ve been very blessed to kill some big bucks there. I killed four bucks last sea- son and three made the record books. the other was an 8-point with a ugly rack that we culled,” Chuck said.