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Derek Harden of Tallahassee, Florida takes #7 spot

Derek Harden of Tallahassee, Florida finished #7 in the “Buck of the Year” contest after taking a high-tined 10-point on Jan. 13, 2015 in Leon County.

“It was the last week of the season, and I was hunting on a piece of private property in northern Leon County,” Derek said.

“I used a Winchester .308 and dropped him in his tracks right before dark. I had watched him for two years prior to shooting him,” Derek said, adding that the buck would have scored significantly higher if not for breaking a brow tine and both G4 tines just a few days before he was killed.

The broken tines contributed to 6-5/8 inches in deductions that knocked the 148-4/8 gross score down to 141-7/8 net.