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#8 buck was part of a double taken in Alachua

Jeff Jordan of Bronson, Florida killed a pair of big bucks on opening day of muzzleloader season while hunting in Alachua County last year.

One of the two 205 lb. bruisers taken near Gainesville, Florida ranked as the #8 typical taken during the 2014-15 season with a net score of 137 inches.

“The first one, which was taller, came out about 75 yards away at 7:25 a.m.,” Jeff said. “I was blown away when I saw him, so I watched him for about 20 seconds. He came straight to me, and when he got to about 10 yards, I squeezed the trigger,” Jeff said.

“When he took off, I was thinking to myself, ‘There is no way I missed him!’ So I loaded another round in my muzzleloader and sat there for another 20 minutes.

All of a sudden, about 30 yards away out popped a doe, and 5 yards to the right was another bruiser! I couldn’t believe it!” Jeff said.

“I waited until he got to within 20 yards and fired off another shot. He fell right in his tracks. When I climbed down and put my hands on him, I was speechless. It was the biggest buck I had ever shot, Jeff said. “

I didn’t know it at the time, but when I went to look for the first buck, I found him about 30 yards away, and his rack was even bigger!” Jeff said.

“I was beyond speechless. I almost couldn’t breathe.”

The buck’s 8-point rack had a towering 12-2/8-inch G2 and a 19-6/8-inch inside spread that helped it score 140-7/8 inches gross and 137 inches net.

The second buck, which also had an 8-point rack, had a 19-inch inside spread and scored 119 inches.