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Lake County buck takes #3 spot

By William “Bill” McGuire

It was the last day of the season, and I had basically been hunting all season without success.

I decided to sit in a strange new place I had never been before in part because it required making a ton of noise to get to, plus the wind was bad that day. But, I decided, “What the heck?” I didn’t have anything else to lose.

It was 10:30 a.m., and I was about to give up when this buck came in, pushing his way through the palmettos.

He was making a ton of noise, stopping periodically to check things out I guess. Had he gone left, I would have never gotten a shot off at him, but luckily for me he went right. He came to within about 60 yards, and I was trying to find him in the scope when he walked right into my crosshairs.

I was shaking like mad as I pulled the trigger. I wouldn’t have been surprised if I had missed. He did sort of a barrel roll to his right just before I fired again where he was thrashing in the bushes. I hung onto the tree until the shaking stopped then texted my hunting buddies and my wife. I crawled down and waited about an hour and a half for my buddy to arrive to help me. I never went in to see the buck, so the 1-1/2 hour wait seemed more like five hours.

When we did finally go in to see him, we realized he was a stud! I also saw the second bullet passed through a 5-inch pine and the deer, which I thought was impressive.

To make it even better, just as we pulled the buck the final 10 yards, my wife, son and daughter showed up!