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Bay County buck takes #4 spot

By Michael Cobb

Panama City, Florida

I wish I could say I really out-smarted this buck with some awesome strategy that led to his ultimate demise. However, me taking this 10-point was just a stroke of pure dumb luck. I was on my farm in northern Bay County, Florida when my friend, who was building a house down the road, asked if he could borrow my space heater. He was coming by early on Jan. 23 to pick it up, so I just took the morning off from hunting.

I woke up and made myself a cup of coffee. While drinking my coffee and staring out of the window, I noticed a doe running across the field. The deer were in full rut around the farm, so I kind of figured a buck would be chasing her. Then I saw this buck.

“That’s a nice buck,” I thought to myself. Then, as it came a little closer, I said, “That’s a REALLY nice buck!”

I ran into the back room to grab my rifle and ran outside in my boxer shorts, only to discover I had lost sight of the deer. I also quickly realized it was way too cold for boxer shorts!

I ran back inside and put on my coveralls and some shoes. By this time my friend was on the way, so I called him and told him to be on the look-out for the buck. When he arrived at the house, we started glassing a small strip of woods and eventually spotted the buck.

Unfortunately, he was right in line with a house located down the road a little ways, so we didn’t feel comfortable shooting in that direction.

We watched for a while and lost him again, so I put my friend in a location I thought the deer may go and then decided I would make a drive through the block. As I was walking, I started to believe the deer had given us the slip. I started working my way out when I just happened to notice the buck standing perfectly still at about 25 yards.

I made the shot with my .350 Remington Magnum.

The buck’s thick rack measured 4 inches around and had main beams measuring 23-6/8 inches long, helping it score 147-3/8 inches gross and 140 inches after 7-3/8 inches in deductions.