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Jackson County buck takes #5 spot

J.T. Harper of Marianna, Florida killed the #5 highest-scoring buck taken in Florida last season on Dec. 14, 2015 while hunting in Jackson County.

“I was doing some timber work on some leased land and getting it ready to re-plant when I decided to throw up a deer stand and plant a little food plot,” J.T. said.

“I came back a little while later to check on it and saw some good deer sign, so I decided to hunt that spot the next morning. He just showed up out of the middle of nowhere, and I took him with my 7mm-08.

Harper’s big buck toted a rack that scored 143-3/8 inches gross and 140 inches net.

The mainframe 8-point buck had small abnormal points (1-2/8 and 1 inch) on each antler in what was an amazingly symmetrical rack with a total of just 3-3/8 inches in deductions.

The 10-point rack featured only 1-1/8 inches in deductions for differences between the two sides and a total of 2-2/8 inches in abnormal points.

In addition to 22-3/8-inch main beams and towering 12-2/8-inch G-2s, the impressive rack featured nearly 9-inch G3s and an 18-6/8-inch inside spread as well as bases that measured more than 5 inches in circumference.