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Marion County buck takes #6 spot

Rick Moyer’s amazing 16-point buck was the top-scoring non-typical and overall highest-scoring (gross) buck in the 2015-16 “Buck of the Year” contest with a non-typical gross score of 171 inches and a net score of 164-7/8 inches.

The massive antlers measured over six inches around at one of the bases and nearly five inches in circumference almost all the way out to the tips! The impressive rack picked up 11-6/8 inches from six different abnormal points – all measuring three inches in length or less.

Abnormal points are added to a buck’s score when a rack is measured as a non-typical rack, instead of being deducted as they are when typical racks are scored. Therefore, non-typicals must score 25 inches higher to be considered equal to typical bucks under the FWC’s Florida Buck Registry scoring system. Moyer’s buck featured long 25-1/8-inch long main beams and almost 10-inch G2s as well as a 17-7/8-inch inside spread.