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Leon County buck takes #7 spot

Carl Helms of Marianna, Florida killed the #7 buck in the Florida “Buck of the Year” contest while hunting in the Pipeline Dog Unit of the Ocala National Forest on Nov. 16, 2015. The 11-point buck was chasing a doe through some thick brush around 8:30 a.m.

Carl quickly realized the only shot he would have was shooting through a softball-size hole in the brush. He saw a doe pass through at 180 yards, so he settled his crosshairs in the middle of the small hole and waited on the buck to follow.

When the buck stepped into the small clearing, Carl fired – breaking the buck’s back.

“It was a very fortunate shot,” Carl admitted.

The buck’s impressive rack scored 141-6/8 inches gross and 135-3/8 inches net after deductions for differences between the two sides.

The 11-point had 21-1/2-inch main beams, 3-5/8-inch brow tines, nearly 10-inch G2s and 10-inch G3s, along with 5-1/8 and 6-3/8-inch G4s.

The chocolate-colored rack had a 12-7/8-inch inside spread and bases that measured 4-2/8 inches around. A single 1-2/8-inch extra point on the right antler contributed to 6-3/8 inches in deductions.

This is the biggest deer Carl has ever harvested on public land.