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Jefferson County buck takes #8 spot

Matt Bishop of Monticello, Florida took the #8 overall buck in the “Buck of the Year” contest while hunting private property in Jefferson County.

Matt’s buck grossed 140-7/8 inches and was entered into the Florida Buck Registry with a net score of 135-1/8 inches, thanks to an inside spread of 18-5/8 inches. “I killed him on Dec. 18, 2015 around 7:30 in the morning,” Matt said.

“I didn’t have any game camera pictures of this buck, but I knew there was a good one in the area. He was chasing a doe on the edge of a wood line when I killed him with my Browning .270 rifle,” Matt said. “He was rutted down and only weighed around 170 pounds.”

The buck had 22-4/8 and 20-7/8-inch main beams, nearly 5-inch brow tines, and G2s and G3s that measured between 8 and 8-4/8 inches.

With bases measuring almost 5 inches in circumference and nearly 19 inches in spread credit, Matt’s buck scored 135-1/8 after having only 5-6/8 inches in deductions.