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Proving Grounds

Hunting/Shooting Games

Description:The latest mini-hunting game from Hunter World will test your accuracy and patience. Use your gun and 20 bullets wisely to achieve the highest score and then see where you rank on the scoreboard. (Read more)

Paintball Scramble

Hunting/Shooting Games

Description:Have fun with this cool paintball game brought to you by Realtree. (Read more)

Skeet Shooting

Hunting/Shooting Games

This is an online flash version of a popular recreational and competitive shooting game where you've to break clay disks flung into the air at high speed from a variety of angles, using a shotgun. Good Luck! (Read more)

Urban Sniper

Hunting/Shooting Games

Description:The objective of the game is to follow the mission and kill the targets. You have limited bullets and your accuracy is calculated so dont waste ammunition. Hints are shown on the pane on the lower left side. You could also destroy vehicles by hitting their fuel tanks. (Read more)