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Property Details

Property Details

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Lumber River Plantations consists of 5,280 acres in Dillon County, South Carolina and 3,010 acres in Robeson County, North Carolina for a total of 8,290 acres. Lumber River Plantations is a large, secluded, forested property located on the South Carolina/North Carolina state line between Nichols, SC, and Fair Bluff, NC.

This unique acreage is less than an hour's drive from Myrtle Beach, SC, and the Grand Strand (Atlantic Ocean) and only 30 minutes away from I-95. NC Hwy. 904 is the northern property line and the Lumber River is the eastern boundary.

DESCRIPTION: This is a one-of-a-kind property. There are 8,290 contiguous acres with a state highway on one boundary (north), the scenic Lumber River (over 6 miles of frontage not counting curves) on the east, and Ashpole Swamp on the west. The tract's shape is that of an elongated wedge. There are quantities of merchantable and premerchantable timber (pine and hardwood) for periodic income. Hardwood trees are along the Lumber River and the various streams throughout the property. There are also several Carolina Bays that add to the tract's appeal. An extensive sand ridge runs north/south through the center of the property's diverse landscape.

PROPERTY USE: Lumber River Plantations offers a range of possibilities including growing timber for income; hunting deer, turkey, ducks and all kinds of small game; and fishing in a natural lake and on the Lumber River. It is also ideal for future quail management. Lumber River Plantations could be a great hunting preserve. The combination of planted loblolly and longleaf pine on the high land and a mix of bottomland hardwood offers a rare opportunity to create a really special income-producing investment. There are few tracts left in the Carolinas that have these unique features. The property also exhibits great potential for a stream and wetland mitigation bank based on a study conducted for the owner, and there are various types of conservation easement possibilities that may yield income and/or income tax benefits.

Price: $15,742,710

Price Note: $1,899/acre

Tract Name: Lumber River Plantations

State: SC

County: Dillon, SC/Robeson, NC

Acres: 8,290.00

Usages: Development



Water Features: River Frontage

Road Frontage: Paved Road

Status: Active

Contact Information

Curtis Spencer/ Hugh Ryan

office: 803-773-5461

[email protected];[email protected]