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SHELL CREEK PLANTATION is one of the most accomplished quail plantations in the country and among the top three plantations in the entire state of Alabama.

SHELL CREEK holds more prestigious titles in the quail and bird dog world than almost any modern shooting property.

Shell Creek Plantation

* By most accounts, Shell Creek is one of the top three plantations in the entire state of Alabama.

* 96% of the 4,000+/- acre plantation is productive uplands.*

* There are over eight miles of flowing creeks and seven lakes and ponds.*

* It holds title to three National Champion bird dogs, including 2006's National Field Trial Champ Shell Creek Coin, three World Grand Champion Tennessee Walking Horses, and numerous other champions.

* It hosts three of the most prestigious field trials in the country.

* The grounds are impeccably manicured for horseback quail hunting and consistently hold 150+ coveys. There is both a wild and preseason quail program.

* There is a wealth of wild game including excellent whitetails, turkey, and doves.

* The grounds are well capitalized.

* There are 40 miles of internal roads; most are graveled and the drive around the home has crushed marble.

* The "Black Belt" soils of Prairie Bluff (circa 1815) were once some of the most fertile cotton fields in the state.

* Located directly across from the Alabama River and Millers Ferry Lake/Lake Dannelly with 500 miles of shoreline for year-round family recreation.

* The owner of over twenty years is a former coach at the University of Alabama and nominee to the Field Trial Hall of Fame.

* 5,000+/- sf antebellum classic revival main house, with complementing offices, and guest houses are Architectural Digest quality.

* The plantation operates a successful income-producing cattle operation and has a wealth of timber resources.

* The offering includes plantation and cattle operating equipment.

* Conveniently located in south central Alabama within twenty minutes of the jet ports in both Camden and Pine Hill, Alabama.

* Less than a four hour drive to Atlanta, only two hours to Birmingham.

The Land

" Time Honored Plantations are Created by Legacies Themselves "

Few properties have as high a percentage of useable land as Shell Creek. The average ratio for plantations in the southeast is approximately 75% uplands to 25% wetlands. Shell Creek is 95.81%* uplands!

The balance is clear, running water. There are 8.16* miles of both sides of creeks including Shell Creek, Little Dixon Creek, Dixon Creek and Slater Branch among others. There are no swamps on the property.

This property is very similar to the high quality quail plantations of Thomasville, Georgia. Similarly, you will find some of the most prosperous of the cotton plantations around Prairie Bluff are now large landholdings.

And, like Thomasville, almost the entire plantation has high quality soils. Today, the ground cover on Shell Creek is still fertile and prosperous.

The rolling land makes this one of the most beautiful properties in Alabama. As such, Shell Creek is the site of the United States Open Championship, one of the oldest championships still being run, and the National Derby & National Free-for-All Championship, ranking up there with the National Championship at Ames Plantation and the Continental at Dixie Plantation. Landowners and handlers come from all over the country for the opportunity to see their dogs run in this prestigious venue.

The level of commitment to excellence is firmly based on the grounds of which the pinewoods, rolling fields, and lakes comprise one of the most manicured quail plantations in the southeast.

The Improvements

The Improvements and attention to detail at Shell Creek compliment the bird hunting accomplishments and cattle business. The structures are classic, timeless, and extremely well done. The four-columned, antebellum style, classic revival 5,000 square foot main house looks much older than its actual age and is the anchor of the plantation.

The house has become a local landmark. On the nearly 40 acre grounds of the main house, you'll find a pool, a 14-stall Morton barn, guest house, office house, caretaker's house, maintenance shop, equipment storage, a skeet range, and pastures enclosed by Centaur fencing.

Over 40 miles of well-maintained roads allow access to all areas of the property and the hunting clubhouse, kennels, lakes, ponds, and other barns. Everything here is first-class. The "gravel" of the driveway is actually crushed marble! Replacement costs of these improvements are conservatively valued between $2.8M and $3.5M.

The seller is very pragmatic about the current market. Shell Creek has been priced at a little over $2,800 per acre for the land plus the value of associated improvements. This price combined with the fact that it is 96% uplands makes it one of the outstanding buys in the market today. The total turn-key asking price is $14.9M.