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Air rifle as used by Lewis and Clark

World's Fastest Deer Cleaning

Jumping Carp

Gator vs Shark

Dog attacks a Shark

Polar bear attacks angler

Helicopter Hog Hunt

This feral hog eradication program is funded by a group of farmers who are taking progressive action to reduce the devastation done to their crops by these animals. Each and every feral hog is estimated to cause $1400 in crop damage during its lifetime. As you can see this data in combination with the extraordinarily high and ever expanding hog population proves to be a very big problem. Through the support of the farmers of Haskell Co. and the efforts of Nueces Helicopters, LLC. the hog population is on its way to a more controllable state as well as a much higher crop yield for the farmers. For more information see www.nueceshelicopters.com