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Lion attacks hunter

See this awesome lion charge a hunter after being shot.

Hawk attacks a Deer!

Awesome clip of a falconer and his bird, hunting deer!

World Record Catfish on a Rod and Reel!

Watch this angler land one of the largest catfish ever boated by a rod and reel. After a lengthy struggle the angler finally triumphs over the monster catfish and battles the trophy into the boat.

Deadly Snake attack! World's biggest snake!

The anaconda is the world's largest species of snake. Watch this one spring into action faster than you can blink your eyes, striking it's prey with surprising speed and deadly accuracy.

Squirrel vs. Deer!

Watch this squirrel attack this whitetail deer, and teach him a lesson about trespassing!

Daring rescue of a marlin trapped in an oil rig

See the daring rescue of this trophy marlin trapped in an offshore oil rig.

World's most powerful gun?

Think you are man enough to handle the recoil of this rifle? It may not be the world's most powerful rifle, but try telling that to these shooters.