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“$107 Rustic Cabin Man Cave I Built In My Basement”

*(Original post here: http://imgur.com/a/TvTca#0)

Click photos to enlarge – Author’s Reddit comments below.

“OP here. A few answers to some of your questions: -The purpose of stating that I did this room for $107 wasn’t to say everyone can do the same for that price. It was to point out that with a little creativity and hard work anyone can make a lot out of a little. I don’t get free lumber everyday. But when I did, I made good use of it.

-Why did I make the room and what do I do in there? I am a hunter and love all things hunting. If you don’t like hunting, that’s your right. I do. It’s my hobby. Men all over the world have hobby rooms. This is the one I like. I read, listen to the radio, clean guns, sharpen knives, make things at the table, play numerous games with my kids, snooze (there’s a vintage folding cot in there), relax, talk to friends and family etc. I don’t kill people, rape women, or smoke weed in there. Sorry. Also, I don’t have to have a giant TV or Playstation in front of me to relax and enjoy myself. I can watch TV upstairs.

-I didn’t build the room to prove I am a man. I built it because I had fun doing it.

-This was just a small storage room under the stairs in my basement. It’s not the whole basement, I can remove it if I want to sell the house, and it has fire protection.

-I have since added a few animal pelts, so you PETA people will be glad to hear that.

-I have plans for a more comfortable chair, I just haven’t found it yet.

-I have plans to make a better roof. I want an old tin roof, I just haven’t found any aged tin yet.

-I have plans for a rug on the floor, I just haven’t found one I like yet.

-I know many of you think it’s cluttered. Most of you have never been to a real hunting cabin. I have. They are usually more cluttered than this. It’s usually just all piled in the floor too. Hunters bring whatever they need to the cabin to use in the woods. That means they have a lot of stuff with them, so they won’t have to hike out of the woods to get something. They don’t decorate to entertain company. Everything in the room either has a function, or is a memento of previous adventures or a family heirloom.

-The 105MM shell is non-functional and just a memento from a past adventure. It’s a conversation piece, not hunting ammo. You hear that ATF…it’s NOT REAL.

-I know the seat cushions don’t “match”. But most everything in a real functional hunting cabin is a hand-me-down or something that was about to be thrown away at home, and was salvaged for the hunting club. Knowing that, I purposely added some items that looked like hand me downs.

-I didn’t stain the walls because real hunters in the 1940s’ wouldn’t haul gallons of paint into the woods just so the walls would “look pretty”…so I didn’t either.

-Many of you have freaked out about the guns not being locked up. Sorry to disappoint you, but these are all pellet or BB guns or rusty non-functioning guns. They’re just for show, or shooting problem squirrels. I do bring real guns in there sometimes, but I don’t leave real guns lying around with my kids in the house.

-The disco ball. Boy, you guys really liked the disco ball. This was a storage room to start with, so the disco ball was just hanging there in storage. Sorry to destroy all your murder room, miniature rave, and tiny disco theories. Made for good reading though.

-yes I have a beard”