MORE Effective Advertising for LESS Money!

If your target audience includes hunters and fishermen (or women), that is our promise to you!

VERY REASONABLE RATES: Woods 'n Water offers the most affordable advertising rates of any outdoor publication in the Southeast – and probably in the U.S. When you consider the quality of our magazine and the number of readers your ad will be reaching, you absolutely cannot get a better advertising bargain anywhere. PLUS, we offer discounts to our advertisers who run consecutively for 3, 6 or 12 months. Because Woods 'n Water is printed on newsprint, we can keep our advertising rates low. Slick publications are attractive, but they are also very expensive to print, and the advertisers and readers have to pay that price.

TARGET ADVERTISING MEANS MORE BANG FOR YOUR BUCK! If your customers are outdoorsmen and women, then 100% of the advertising dollars you spend with Woods 'n Water are working for you, because 100% of our readers are likely to be your customers. When you spend your advertising dollars with newspapers, radio or television, a very small percentage of the people your ad is reaching are potential customers for you. Often more than 90% of your advertising dollar is spent to reach people who are not, and never will be, interested in what you have to offer. However, you can use Woods 'n Water to reach approximately 68,000 members of your target audience each month.

UP-TO-DATE ADS: Another advantage for our advertisers is that ad copy submitted by the middle of the month can appear in the very next issue. A quick turn-around time is yet another advantage of having our magazine printed on newsprint.

MORE INFORMATION: If you are interested in running an ad in an upcoming issue of Woods 'n Water, or, if you would just like more information, please give us a call or shoot us an email. The deadline for advertising copy is the 13th of the month, prior to the month you would like for your ad to be published. We will build your ad for no additional charge. Camera-ready ads may be emailed or submitted on disk or CD. We'd love to get your business in our next publication.

WEBSITE ADVERTISING: With our new and improved website, we are now offering our advertisers an additional avenue to promote your business. If you are running an ad in Woods 'n Water, you can place the same ad (size and content) on our website for small monthly fee. We also offer banner and forum advertising. Ask about our website rates!

LET US HELP YOUR BUSINESS GROW! An ad in Woods 'n Water will work for you too! Just give us a try and see!

To request a media kit click the link above or call Jennifer at: 850-584-3824.

Please contact us via email for rates and media guide.



Gary Smith of Trophy Georgia Hunts

I started out as a small outfitter about 8 or 9 years ago with a small amount of land in South Georgia. The first several years I relied on word of mouth, flyers, and small ads in newspapers around the state of Florida. I did well enough to add a little more land but I was not growing as a business like I wanted. I was not a regular subscriber to Woods N Water at the time but I did frequently buy a copy from a store shelf. I started to notice other outfitters and their ads and it inspired me to try an Ad of my own in Woods n Water. I wasn't exactly sure what to put in my Ad and I didn't know anything about how to develop an AD with pictures and clip-art etc. I called Woods N Water and quickly found out that I didn't have to be a pro in advertising and that the staff there would help me to come up with something that fit my needs. The staff there helped me from the very beginning with my first Ad. They gave me ideas of things I may want to include and they put together the finished product for me. The staff there is still helping me to put together ads for hunting season year after year. The first hunting season that I ran ads in Woods N Water the response was great. Having a successful season enable me to add more land for my hunters. I found out that advertising with them was the only advertisement that I needed. My business grew. Almost everyone that called to book a hunt had read my Ad in Woods N Water. I would not have made it as an outfitter without their help, their magazine and most importantly their readers who booked hunts with me. But it doesn't stop there. Everyone I have ever had the pleasure to work with at Woods N Water has always gone out of their way to be friendly, helpful and professional. It is like doing business with my friends. To Paddy, Betty, Claudette, Aaron and the rest of the staff thank you for all your help and guidance over the years. I would not have made it without you. All of you helped turn my dream into reality.


Millard Collins of C-Quarters Marina

"I polled the entrants to my most recent fishing tournament and found that over 80% showed up because they read about it in Woods 'n Water Magazine."


Hunter Brown of B & M Wingshooting LLC

"B & M Wingshooting would like to thank you for everything that you have done. It has been a pleasure working with such professional people that are always willing to help. Woods n Water has made our guide service more successful than we could even imagine. Our ad has generated more business than any other advertising that we did"


Capt. Dexter Ridgdill Fishing Charters

"Hi Claudette, I want to thank you for the add in the magazine. I have gotten several charters already directly related to having this add in Woods 'n Water. The picture I'm sending to you is from a charter last week. This is Bill on his second charter with me. He caught four black drum and 11 redfish that day. Bill had a hard time deciding which one of his 11 redfish to keep. Thanks again Claudette for all your help." Capt. Dexter.