Florida Buck-of-the-Year Contest

2008 Buck of the Year Winners

First Place

CASEY CROWDER of Valdosta, Georgia credits intense quality deer management practices and patience for helping him bag the 10-point trophy that won Woods ‘n Water’s 19th annual “Florida Buck of the Year” contest.


Second Place

This beautiful Gadsden County nine-point was taken by ASHLEY MAY of Quincy, Florida with the help of his hunting dogs. The trophy buck grossed 149-3/4 and had a net score of 141 inches.


Third Place


TOM CARPENTER'S monster Jackson County buck turned out to be the third-highest-scoring typical taken in Florida last season. It boasted a gross score of 145-3/4 and a net score of 140-1/2 inches.


#4 Denver Gordon


DENVER GORDON shows off a super-sized buck he harvested in Jefferson County. The 13-point whitetail scored a whopping 157-1/8 gross and netted 138-3/8 inches. The 150-pound bruiser also recorded a 17-1/2-inch inside spread.


#5 N/A


#6 Michael Colkmire


Florida's sixth-highest scoring buck taken during the 2007-08 season was harvested by Michael Colkmire of Greensboro on the final day of the season while hunting on a private lease in Gadsden County. The main-frame 10-point recorded a net score of 137-5/8 inches and grossed 142-7/8 B&C inches.


#7 Tim Haney


TIM HANEY got a little woods and some water with his awesome Wakulla County 10-point that earned the #7 ranking in the state last season. The hefty whitetail sported a near-perfect rack that scored 137-7/8 inches with only 2-3/8 inches of deductions


#8 Nathan Smith


The eighth-highest scoring typical in Florida last season came off of a private farm in Washington County, where Nathan Smith took this main-frame 10-point that grossed 140-3/8 inches and netted 136-3/4 to finishat the #8 spot in the Buck-of-the-Year contest for the 2007-08 season.


#9 Monica Lookabill


Earning a spot in the otherwise male-dominated top-ten list is 18-year-old Monica Lookabill of Madison County. Monica was hunting with her father, Marty, on November 10 when she saw this massive 10-point whitetail. The hefty buck sport a 135-5/8 inch rack that boasted 145-3/8 gross inches before deductions.


#10 Bobby Reed


BOBBY REED'S fine Hillsboro County ten-point was his first buck and scored 134-1/4 inches to grab the final spot in the top ten list for the state of Florida during the 2007-08 season.