Buck of the Year

Florida Buck-of-the-Year


The deadline for getting a buck scored for the current Florida Buck-of-the-Year Contest is June 30. All hunters who harvested contest-eligible big bucks during the previous hunting season are urged to have them scored by a certified FWC scorer and submit photos and information to Woods ‘n Water as soon as possible. (For information about “contest-eligible bucks,” (See “Contest Rules” here.)

Winners will be announced in the September issue of Woods ‘n Water magazine. The June 30th entry deadline allows hunters time to get their bucks scored by FWC, and the September 1st announcement date allows time for the scorers to get the bucks scored and get the score sheets in to the FWC’s Tallahassee office. It also allows Woods ‘n Water time to contact winners for pictures, stories, etc. and create the layout for the September issue. The top bucks taken during the previous season that were scored by a certified FWC scorer and accepted for entry into the Florida Buck Registry before the Contest deadline will be the Contest Winners. (See “Contest Rules” for complete details)

Be sure to ask the FWC scorer to determine if your buck will have a higher net score if scored as a typical or as a non-typical, taking into account that, for contest purposes, a non-typical must score 25 inches higher than a typical to be considered equal.

Ranking will be awarded to hunters taking the bucks with the highest NET Boone & Crockett scores (taking into account the 25-inch difference between typical and non-typical bucks).

Anyone interested in participating in the contest is encouraged to call (850) 584-3824 or email woodsnwater@gtcom.net.