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Frequently Asked Questions

1.) I am a new subscriber. When will I receive my first issue?
Subscriptions orders received by the 18th of any month will always begin with the next issue. Depending upon our print date, sometimes orders received as late as the 20th of the month will begin with the next issue, but we cannot guarantee that. You should receive your copy of Woods ‘n Water on or before the first of every month if the Post Office delivers them in a timely manner.
2.) What should I do if my magazine arrives late or not at all?
All subscriber copies are mailed four or five days before the first of the month. Usually, the Post Office delivers them right away, but occasionally delivery to some areas is delayed for reasons known only to the Post Office. If you do not receive your magazine by the 3rd or 4th of the month, please call us at 850-584-3824, or send us an email by clicking here on “Contact Us.”You may also contact us by mail at Woods ‘n Water, 3427 Puckett Rd., Perry, FL 32348. Give us as much information as possible, including your address, email address and phone number.
We make every effort to get copies to our subscribers in a timely manner. If your copy is late or missing more than once, we will issue a “Publication Watch” and your next copy will be tracked from the time it is mailed until it is delivered to your mailbox.
3.) How can I change my delivery address?
You may change your delivery address by clicking here on "Change My Address.” You may also give us a call at 850-584-3824 or write to us at: Woods ‘n Water, 3427 Puckett Rd., Perry, FL 32348.
4.) Is my credit card information safe when I order online?
Woods ‘n Water takes advantage of the most secure technology available in an effort to prevent any unauthorized access of your information during the transmission of your online order. Sending your credit card information through secure Web sites is said to be far safer than giving out your credit card information on the phone or sending it through the mail.
5.) Does Woods ‘n Water make my name, address or email address available to other companies?
No. We do not share your information with other companies, nor do we sell our subscriber list. You may be sure that Woods ‘n Water will never divulge your personal information to anyone else.
6.) What if I have a question not answered here?
You may give us a call at 850-584-3824 or click here on “Contact Us.” to send us an email.
7.) How can I cancel my subscription?
Just give us a call at 850-584-3824 or click here on “Contact Us.” You may also write to us at Woods ‘n Water,3427 Puckett Rd., Perry, FL 32348. We would be interested to know why you are canceling your subscription, so we hope you will tell us. A refund will be issued for all issues remaining on your subscription. If you paid by check, we will mail a refund check; if you paid by credit card, we will credit your credit card account.