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Albino Skunk At Large in Florida

On September 21, Investigator Jon Garzaniti concluded a captive wildlife escape investigation involving an albino skunk in Palm Beach County. Albino skunks are Class III wildlife that can be possessed and/or sold by properly permitted individuals. Investigator Garzaniti reported the skunk was purchased at a local pet store.

A few days later, the skunk was left unattended on a patio by the purchasing party when it escaped. The purchasing party was not permitted to possess the skunk at the time of purchase, and the pet store owner had been previously warned about selling wildlife to unpermitted individuals. Subsequently, Investigator Garzaniti issued the pet store owner a misdemeanor citation for selling wildlife to an unpermitted individual. The new skunk owner was issued warnings for allowing escape of Class III wildlife and possession of Class III wildlife without a permit.

On September 18, the purchasing party recovered the escaped skunk from a local permitted facility and had obtained the proper permit. Later that day, it was reported the skunk escaped again. Investigator Garzaniti responded to the residence to investigate. The skunk owner reported the skunk was secured in a harness and leash that was tied to a chair on the patio. The owner discovered the skunk had slipped out of the harness and could not be found. Investigator Garzaniti observed a 4″ gap under the patio door as a potential escape route.

The skunk owner was issued a misdemeanor citation for allowing escape of Class III wildlife. The albino skunk is believed to be still at large.