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Angler lands two big bass at once, including one trying to swallow the other

After bizarre catch, he gently pulls fish apart and sets them free!

A fisherman at Lake Austin, presumably in Texas, recently caught two keeper-size largemouth bass without even casting a line. But the bizarre twist to this story is that one of the lunkers had half-swallowed the other, even though it was about the same size. After pulling the bass aboard, the angler gently pulled them apart, set them free, and watched them swim away (see video).

The video was posted Tuesday on the Field & Stream website by blogger Tim Romano, who said it had been sent to him by a friend.

Romano wrote about the season heating up and the various methods being used by anglers and added: “You know it’s all good and really warm weather is on the way when Mr. bucket-mouth starts chomping.

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“That’s why I had to share this video one of my friends sent me the other day. I’ve seen bass eat some crazy things, like birds, snakes, obviously other fish … but this one has to take the cake.”

He’ll get no argument from his fellow bass anglers.

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