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Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are conspiring with the U.N. to DESTROY your gun rights!

Dear Friend in Freedom,

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are conspiring with the U.N. to DESTROY your gun rights.

They claim the U.N. “Small Arms Treaty” being negotiated by Hillary Clinton and U.N. diplomats will combat international gun tracking. They say we should trust them… that you and I have nothing to fear.

But this treaty is really a TROJAN HORSE… a disguise to give Obama and the U.N. a dagger to thrust deep into the heart of our Bill of Rights!

And unless gun owners like you and I stop this threat to our freedoms NOW, they could have vast new powers to:

ENACT DRACONIAN GUN LICENSING, making it next to impossible for you to purchase and own a firearm…
CONFISCATE and DESTROY all “unauthorized” firearms as determined by foreign bureaucrats…
BAN THE TRADE, SALE AND PRIVATE OWNERSHIP of all semi-automatic firearms…
ESTABLISH AN INTERNATIONAL GUN REGISTRY, opening the door to “full-scale gun confiscation” in the U.S.
That’s why I need you to complete NRA’s American Gun Rights Survey today.

This survey will only take 30 seconds to make clear where YOU stand on this outrageous international scheme to obliterate the Second Amendment.

We urgently need COLD, HARD, INDISPUTABLE PROOF that you and America’s 100 million gun owners are fired up and ready to fight this gun ban treaty until it is permanently shelved.

Your answers will lay down the marker for anti-gun politicians—particularly our U.S. Senators—who will determine whether or not Obama and the U.N. succeed in banning our guns.

Your answers will show that we will DEFEAT them on Election Day if they breathe one word of support for this “Obamanation” of a treaty.

We can STOP THIS TREATY NOW by speaking out with the full force of our power as American citizens. But to win NRA needs you in the fight.

So please ACT NOW. Answer freedom’s call. Complete your American Gun Rights Survey today. Thank you!

Yours in Freedom,
Wayne LaPierre
Executive Vice President

P.S. Obama and the U.N. think that America should be more like the rest of the world… a world where we must surrender our gun rights and accept less freedom. I say the world should be MORE like America with MORE FREEDOM.

Please answer your survey today. Add your voice to millions of American gun owners and let’s tell Obama and the U.N. that we will never let them surrender any of our precious freedoms and that we will defeat this gun ban treaty.