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Canadian Angler Hooks a Homemade Bomb

Following the theme of odd catches this week, an angler fishing the Bright Water reservoir in Saskatchewan, Canada pulled out one of the most unusual items police have ever witnessed: a bomb.

Around 7:20PM on Sunday at the reservoir near Hanley, the fisherman snagged the item, hauled it to the surface and had the inclination that the object he pulled out looked like an explosive device.

It turns out that it was in fact a bomb, and a homemade one at that. After the fisherman called Canadian police, a bomb squad was brought in to defuse the item. The explosives disposal unit confirmed it was some type of homemade explosive device, according to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP).

Rob King, a corporal in media relations unit for the RCMP, said the bomb was neutralized at the scene and the area was declared safe for the public. Police do not know how the object came to be in the water.

At this time, King said the RCMP is not releasing anymore information about the bomb and he did not know who the fisherman who reeled the bomb in is. Officials are hoping that someone with more information will come forward and that they are able to identify the homemade bomb. No photograph or description are being released.

The Bright Water reservoir is a  popular fishing spot, according to King. It’s easy to access as it’s off a major highway and is it a popular spot for recreation.

Photo: Andrey (insane photoholic, flickr)
by Outdoor Hub Reporters on June 6, 2012