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Deer Attacks Two Texas Hunters and Steals Their Cigarettes


Two Texas hunters are out a pack of cigarettes after deer charged and attacked them on Friday, November 23. The pair, Joseph Rose and Cole Kellis, were not hunting at the time but had just exited their house in Whitehouse at about 9 a.m. and noticed a deer in their front yard.

They approached to get a closer look and then the deer charged. The men ran to their pickup truck to get out of the buck’s line of attack, but Rose couldn’t pull the door closed fast enough as he got into the driver’s seat. He told local TV station KETK “he came up and started poking me in the ribs. I grabbed his horns and pushed him back and jumped in the back of my truck.”

When it poked him, Rose jumped out of the truck into the truck bed. Distracted by the commotion, he forgot to shut the door to the driver’s seat. The deer climbed in with its two front legs and took a pack of Marlboro cigarettes sitting on the center console.

It began chewing on the cigarettes, which go for about $7 a pack in Texas. Rose tried to get them back. This just angered the deer more and caused it to more viciously attack. The men managed to call local police and a game warden to the scene. Five men and one taser later, the deer was finally subdued, but not before one office broke his wrist and others got “scuffed up.”