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Deer hunting auxiliary check stations announced

For immediate release: September 12, 2012
Media contact: Joy Hill, 352-258-3426

Deer hunting auxiliary check stations announced

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) announces nine auxiliary check stations for hunters to use to check the deer and turkey they harvest during the upcoming hunting seasons on Ocala Wildlife Management Area (WMA) and the Gores Landing Unit of the Ocklawaha River WMA.

Hunters are required to check all deer and turkey harvested from the Ocala WMA at one of the following check stations prior to field-dressing or transporting the carcass out of the hunt area:

§  Advantage Sports Center in Salt Springs;
§  Country Store in Altoona;
§  Eureka Bait and Tackle in Eureka
§  Forest Hills Grocery in Forest Hills;
§  Ocklawaha River Country Store in Hog Valley;
§  Wiggler’s Bait and Tackle in Lynne;
§  South Moon Fish Camp in Astor;
§  Astor Arms and Outdoor Supplies in Astor; and
§  Scrambletown Country Store in Scrambletown.

Hunters using the Gores Landing Unit are not required to check their deer, but the FWC asks that they do. They can check them in any of the nine check stations listed above, but the most convenient station to the Gores Landing Unit is Eureka Bait and Tackle in Eureka.

The data collected at the check stations is valuable to wildlife biologists to help them manage the deer populations in those areas. Of particular interest is the number of deer taken, general physical condition and weight.

Below is a list of check stations with names, addresses and phone numbers.

2012-13 Hunting Season
Auxiliary Check Stations
Ocala & Gore’s Landing Unit WMAs

Advantage Sports Center
13426 NE Highway 19
Salt Springs, FL 32134
Jim Ketchie/Bruce Carroll

Eureka Bait and Tackle
15260 NE 152nd Place
(In Eureka, just west of bridge)
Fort McCoy, FL 32134
Kenneth S. Owsley

Ocklawaha River Country Store
20250 NE 160th Ave. Road
(Hog Valley)
Fort McCoy, FL 32134
Evelyn Knowles, Owner

Wiggler’s Bait and Tackle
14499 E. Highway 40
Silver Springs, FL 34488
Charles Melton

Astor Arms and Outdoor Supplies
24401 State Road 40
Astor, FL 32102
Judith Raymond/Paula Jolley

Country Store
47433 Panther Road
(Off County Road 445)
Altoona, FL 32702
Mohammed Chowdhury, Owner
Forest Hills Grocery
31446 County Road 42
Deland, FL 32720
Mohammed Chowdhury

South Moon Fish Camp
1977 S. Moon Road
Astor, FL 32102
Kerry McPherson

Scrambletown Country Store
15480 NE C.R. 314
Silver Springs, FL 34488
Kevin Tannehill, Manager