First prized bass caught in TrophyCatch pink tag contest

Get ready, anglers! The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s (FWC) TrophyCatch program is thrilled to announce the return of the pink tag contest. Our biologists have tagged and released trophy-sized bass adorned with bright pink tags in various locations throughout Florida. Catching the first pink-tagged bass in each location can win you amazing prizes worth thousands of dollars!

Harry Linsinbigler IV recently reeled in a prized pink-tagged bass weighing 11 pounds, 4 ounces in Lake Rochelle, part of the Northwest Winter Haven Chain of Lakes. His impressive catch earned him $1,000 in AFTCO Fishing Apparel & Tackle and a $1,000 check from our TrophyCatch sponsor, 888-BOAT-LAW.

There are five pink tag locations across the state, with some spots hosting multiple tagged bass. The locations include: Lake Lochloosa, Lake Beauclair, Lake Okeechobee, Porter Lake, and the Northwest Winter Haven Chain of Lakes (which encompasses Lake Jessie, Lake Idylwild, Lake Hartridge, Lake Conine, Lake Rochelle, Lake Haines, Lake Smart, and Lake Fannie).

Don’t worry if you haven’t caught one yet; the 12th season of the TrophyCatch pink tag promotion runs until September 30, so there's still plenty of time to snag a pink tag and win fantastic prizes!

If you catch a bass with a pink tag, remember to cut and keep the tag, then follow the submission instructions on the TrophyCatch website to claim your prize.

Even if you’re not the first to catch a pink-tagged bass, you can still join the fun and potentially win a pair of Bajío Sunglasses as a “Pink-Tag Chaser.” Learn more at

By participating in TrophyCatch, you’re helping the FWC better understand and conserve Florida's freshwater fisheries, guiding our efforts in managing trophy bass. For more information about the TrophyCatch program, reach out to KP Clements at