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Florida Offers New Guy Harvey Plastic Fishing License

Get outdoorsy with the new Guy Harvey hard-card license

There’s something wonderful about having a shiny new card in your wallet. While paper licenses do their part, a plastic license that easily fits in among other cards has so many benefits. It doesn’t get accidentally tossed out with the receipts. It is waterproof. It doesn’t rip or wear.

Due to popular demand, last fall the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) began selling $4 hard-card licenses to those purchasing one-year licenses. Prior to this, only those who got 5-year or more licenses were able to purchase a hard-card.
And to top it off, the new licenses feature art donated by Guy Harvey. Printing for these new cards began in September 2014.

Guy Harvey hard-card license appeals to anglers of all ages!

The newest design features dolphinfish or Mahi, as many call them. The original card, which has sold out, featured Florida’s state saltwater fish, the sailfish.

“We wanted to put something on there that is realistic to catch,” said Brenda Brand, who works in the FWC licensing department.

“My son went crazy over it,” Brand said. “He feels like he has something adult, a pre-driver’s license,” she said about her 15-year-old. “It also allows him to show his support for conservation.”

The original card, which has sold out, featured Florida’s state saltwater fish, the sailfish.

“Conservation is the key in the new design,” said Rodney Barreto, chairman of the Fish & Wildlife Foundation of Florida. “Our ‘I DO’ advertising campaign encourages everybody to support conservation by purchasing a Florida fishing license, whether they are required to or not. As license sales increase, the FWC uses the funds to support efforts such as youth programs, improved fishing opportunities, research and law enforcement.”
The “I DO” campaign features images of real Floridians who support conservation by purchasing a Florida hunting or fishing license. The campaign has garnered great support from the industry and was recently endorsed by Bass Pro Shops founder John L. Morris.

Since the “I DO” campaign and the newly designed hard card were launched, the FWC has sold more than 98,000 Guy Harvey hard-card licenses. Learn more about the “I DO” campaign at Floridafishinglicensecampaign.com.

“The I DO campaign is a great example of the cooperative efforts between the Foundation and the FWC,” said FWC chairman Richard Corbett. “The end result is enhanced conservation and recreational opportunities for Floridians.”

Want one of your own? Visit License.MyFWC.com and renew or purchase your license today. You can also purchase one at your local tackle shop or tax collector’s office.

Say “I DO” to conservation and send a picture of you and your Guy Harvey hard-card to us at Saltwater@MyFWC.com and we may feature it in an upcoming regulations publication or via social media.

Don’t forget to record all of your catches on the iAngler phone app or at http://www.snookfoundation.org/data.html.

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