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Fox With Its Head Stuck In A Jar Approaches Two Men For Help

A video of a fox with its head stuck in a jar has gone viral on the Internet this week, sparking a range of reactions from concerned animal lovers, as well as some who simply find the photo comical.

The clip captures a fox that somehow managed to get its head stuck inside a jar. Luckily, a group of people, who were nearby and caught the incident on tape, were on hand to help the little fox, who was clearly distressed at getting its head trapped in the jar – something potentially lethal to the animal.

Instead of running away from the two men that saw what was happening, the fox makes its way to them hoping that they will help. One of the men goes up to the fox which stays amazingly still while the man slowly pulls its head out of the jar by holding onto its neck.

The fox, once finally free, then turns and quickly runs back to the forest where it came from.

The man jokingly asks in Russian, “Where is the thank you?”

The other man commented: “He would have died that way.”

The clip has sparked anger among some, that human trash got the fox into a potentially lethal situation. Some have slammed humans for their lack of understanding of the impact littering can have on wildlife.

Others have praised the people for helping the fox, and were thankful that the animal did not die through the incident.

A few others simply commented on the comical value of an animal getting its head trapped in a jar, seemingly oblivious to the danger the fox was in by getting itself trapped in such a way.

Here is a video of the clip with the fox receiving help from some nearby people after getting its head stuck in a jar:


Story courtesy of http://www.christianpost.com/news/fox-in-jar-video-sparks-anger-among-animal-lovers-video-photo-98326/